Lemon and Meringue Tart


Lemon Meringue Tart is such a beautiful dessert. The acidity of the lemon and the sweetness of the Italian meringue balance each other beautifully. In this recipe I use home grown lemons which I think make a different, as they are sweeter and free of any chemicals. This tantalising tart used to be my reason for going to the market back in the village I grew up in, in France; going to the patisserie stall to get one of those delicious treats was very exciting every time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Sweet Pastry:

–          140 g caster sugar

–          160 g beurre

–          400 g plain flour

–          2 whole eggs

Method : Dice the butter into small pieces and put it into the mixer • Add the sugar and mix until well combined • Add the egg one by one then add the flour, mixing until combined • Do not over mix the dough • Put the dough on the bench and flatten it a little. This will make it easier to roll later • Wrap it in glad wrap and put in the fridge for 1 ½ hours • Take it out and let  the dough come to room temperature • Flour your bench and roll the dough to about 2-3 millimetres • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees • Carefully put the dough in the tart tray, put a layer of baking paper over it and pour rice over it making sure it goes all around the sides (alternatively you can use pie weights if you have them) to prevent the sides from falling during the cooking. This process is called blind baking • The reason we are blind baking the pastry is because we are not cooking the mix as it is already cook • Cook for about 4 minutes or until the sides colour a little bit, take the baking paper off and bake for a further 1 minute • Once the pasty has cooled down, fill it with the lemon curd to about 2 millimetres of the top.

Lemon Curd:

–          140 ml lemon juice

–          150 g butter

–          2 lemon zest

–          10 eggs

–          450 g sugar

Method: Juice and zest the lemon and pour it into a pot • Add the butter and cook on medium heat until melted • Add half the sugar and whisk • Whisk the eggs and add the rest of the sugar • Whisk for a minute then add to the lemon and butter mix • One the mix starts bubbling, cook on medium heat for about 5-6 minutes while whisking • Once cooked, pour into a clean bowl and whisk to cool down once every few minutes.

Italian meringue

–          2 egg whites

–          200 g caster sugar

Method : Put the sugar in a sauce pan with a little bit of water, just enough to melt the sugar • Whisk the egg white on medium speed • Using a cooking thermometer, once at 118 degrees, slowly pour the sugar in the egg whites while whisking • Once the sugar is all in, whisk on full speed until cooled. Spread the meringue on top of the tart using a spatula or a pipping bag with a nozzle • Blow torch the meringue lightly to give it a bit of colour.

Ready to serve

Bon Appetit

2 thoughts on “Lemon and Meringue Tart

  1. Lemon Meringue Tart is really wonderful, I would like to try your recipe. As well as my new blow torch, but sadly, I don’t even know whether propane-butane mix or butane gas can be used. Could You please help me with this?

    1. Hi Jucmi, You can find special cooking blow torches that come with the starter fuel already inside. This is what I have always used and recommend. Merci, Le Fermier

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